Digital Art and Media Portfolios

NCEA Level(s)

This course is suitable for students who would like to do one of the following options:

  1. Work on a film idea they're developing - possibly from another class (scripting, storyboarding, filming or editing!)
  2. Work on their independent drawing skills, following through the 'DrawABox' course with Richard
  3. Work on digital art for a portfolio, possibly relevant to their post-high school studies
  4. Get support with another digital media-based assessment being undertaken in another class (most likely a film, visual text or digital art folio. Keep in mind that NCEA assessments won't be set in this course - they should have been assigned by another LA)

Note that while these options don't have to be credit-based (you could make your own music video, without doing it for credits, for example), a high standard of work output will still be expected from students enrolled in the class. You'll be expected to share your progress with me regularly and seek feedback; this isn't a supervised SDL slot. :)

By default, I'll expect students enrolled in this course to progress through a digital art drawing course - you can find info on that either on the walls of 3.1, or a brief conversation with Richard will help you understand that process more clearly :)

Please be aware that this class only runs for two out of the three slots each week in Red: anyone enrolled in this class will also be enrolled in an SDL slot for Red on Wednesdays, so you'll have to sign in to SDL as usual on those days. You should also negotiate with your HBLA how you will be spending this time appropriately - Richard can give you lots of advice on this!