(Co-taught with Richard and Beth)

Confirmation bias? Gambler's fallacy? Salience? Ad hominem?

What the heck, you say? These are things called cognitive biases, and they are fascinating as they impact our ability to see the world rationally! In this course, we'll explore the world of cognitive biases through different lenses, and reflect on how they manifest in different situations.

In our activities, you can expect to learn a bit about:
- cognitive biases (and how to spot and resist them!)
- spreadsheets (because these are fun)
- how to sniff out nonsense when someone is talking
- how to sneak nonsense in, when you are talking

There will be a strict no devices rule in this class - we just won't need them! We'll even go as far as to put all of our devices on an allocated device table at the beginning of each session, whilst all chanting ceremonially...

Please come along with a willingness to work together and converse with your peers! You'll be expected to participate in the discussions/activities that we do.