Read, Write and Eat

Learning Area

If you enjoy reading and writing, or if you need a little encouragement, then Read, Write and Eat could be for you.  Here is what our lessons will look like:

  • 15 minutes speed writing, editing and proof-reading
  • 10 minutes GPS (grammar, punctuation & spelling)
  • 5 minutes baking break
  • 25 minutes reading (as a class or with a book of your choice)
  • 5 minutes reading reflection

On day one, we'll set up the class by identifying your writing goals, finding books to read, and creating a baking roster for each lesson. 

Must haves:

  1. A device to write on or an exercise book and pencil;
  2. A book or audiobook of your choice to read or a readiness to read a book the class chooses; and
  3. A willingness to bake and/or bring something to share with the class once or twice during the course*.
  4. Your phone in your bag.

* If money is an issue or you don't have space to bake at home, we will work something out.  All good.