4.2 Table Top Game Design 2023 - NO CODING

Learning Area

This class is about creating your own tabletop game - either a board game or a card game or a combination of both. It is about DESIGNING and IDEAS and is ideal for students who enjoy designing games, who have an idea for a tabletop game or who are interested in playing tabletop games. There is no coding but you may be using a device at times.

We will be working towards creating a game but this class is more of an INTRODUCTION on how to get started. Completing a game is not the primary objective, but if you're motivated and work hard you might have a good prototype by the end. The main goal is learning new skills and knowing how to get started and what to do if you get serious about designing a tabletop game.

In this class you can work collaboratively or individually but some group work will be involved. We are also going to play the odd game for inspiration and ideas. We will be testing our own and other game ideas. We will be accessing the garage and the equipment there including dice maker, card cutter and 3D printer.

Each session will begin with a short (15min) spotlight on game design principles. We will be talking with actual game designers too and be looking at and potentially using some online resources used by game designers which will be useful for you to know about. We may even have our own little prototype event if we get that far…

So, come and join this class run by Nate Cooley and Libby, if the above sounds interesting to you. We will have a maximum of 20 students in this class so get in fast.