Level 7 Biology

NCEA Level(s)

Course aims / learning outcomes

  • Biology is the study of living things. In this course we will learn a range of biological concepts from the minute processes that occur within cells to the interactions between species in the environment.
  • Not studying Science in Level 6 is not necessarily a barrier to taking this course. However, if you come and have a chat with me I can give you some material to catch you up with the important concepts.


Course content

  • Questions that we will answer throughout the year: How do we get energy from food? How does photosynthesis work? Why do the simple Punnett squares that we learned about in Level 6 not work for all alleles? What are the different ways that organisms have adapted to their environment and way of life? How do we design and write up a scientific experiment to give results that are reliable?
  • The first internal will require a day field trip to Taylor's Mistake.


Assessment statement

A total of 19 Achievement Standard credits are offered within this course at Level 2. This includes 8 credits in external assessments and 11 credits through internal assessments. 

  • Assessement in this course will include external assessments as well as reports written during and outside of class time.



  • Assignments that take place over time will be produced in an online system such as Google Docs. Learning Advisors will monitor student work by accessing document history. A portion of work will need to be completed during class time under Learning Advisor supervision. 
  • Class tests will take place under supervised test conditions within class.
  • Students may be required to sign an authenticity statement, perform certain parts of assessment tasks under close supervision, or show through interview and the existence of notes and supporting material that the work submitted by the student is genuinely his/her own work.


Appeal Procedures

  • Students have the right to appeal the mark they have been awarded. If a student wishes to appeal a grade, they should initially talk to the subject learning advisor about the marking process immediately after the marked assessment task is shown to them. If still dissatisfied the student should make an appointment and discuss grades with the Principal’s Nominee (Brent) who will check that the correct procedures have been followed as outlined in the school and subject policies taking into account any special circumstances.


Table of Assessments

NumberNameCredit valueInternal or ExternalLiteracy Numeracy UE Reading/WritingWhenReassessment opportunityType of assessment
AS91158Investigate a pattern in an ecological community, with supervision4InternalL1 literacyTerm 1NoReport
AS91156Demonstrate understanding of life processes at the cellular level4External

L1 literacy

UE writing

AS91153Carry out a practical investigation in a biology context, with supervision4InternalL1 Numeracy2NoReport
AS91157Demonstrate understanding of genetic variation and change4External

L1 literacy

UE writing

AS91155Demonstrate understanding of adaptation of plants or animals to their way of life3InternalL1 literacy3-4NoReport