Geography - Understanding the World

NCEA Level(s)

Course aims / learning outcomes

This course is about understanding the environments we live in so we can be active participants in an ever changing world. It will provide students with opportunities to explore contemporary issues, public decision making challenges and learn about the natural and cultural processes that shape our world. This course will be pitched at a level 3 NCEA level but there is also the chance to assess at Level 2 of the NCEA. 


Course content

Contexts for learning include Event Management and decision making, Geographic Research, exploring a Global topic or Issue and looking at how interacting natural processes shape the environment.


Assessment statement

NCEA opportunities in this course will be available at level 2 and 3 of NCEA in Geography.

Typically, students should aim to complete one internal assessment per term, as well as preparing for one or two exams at the end of the year, which is assessed externally. Internal assessment work is completed both in class and out of class time in the form of assignments. 

Between 15 and 19 credits will be on offer for a student who completes one internal in each of terms 1-3, and who also completes at least one external examination.



  • Assignments that take place over time will be produced in an online system such as Google Docs. Learning Advisors will monitor student work by accessing document history. A portion of work will need to be completed during class time under Learning Advisor supervision. 
  • Class tests will take place under supervised test conditions within class.
  • Students may be required to sign an authenticity statement, perform certain parts of assessment tasks under close supervision, or show through interview and the existence of notes and supporting material that the work submitted by the student is genuinely his/her own work.


Appeal Procedures

  • Students have the right to appeal the mark they have been awarded. If a student wishes to appeal a grade, they should initially talk to the subject learning advisor about the marking process immediately after the marked assessment task is shown to them. If still dissatisfied the student should make an appointment and discuss grades with the Principal’s Nominee who will check that the correct procedures have been followed as outlined in the school and subject policies taking into account any special circumstances.


Table of Assessments (Assessments will be drawn from the following - Note, our choice of assessments will be decided by the interests of the class)

NumberNameCredit valueInternal or ExternalLiteracy Numeracy UE Reading/WritingWhenReassessment opportunityType of assessment
AS91428Analyse a significant contemporary event from a Geographic perspective3InternalUE ReadingTerm 1NoAssignment
AS91430Conduct Geographic Research with consultation5InternalUE ReadingTerm 2NoAssignment




Analyse aspects of a contemporary geographic issue


Analyse aspects of a topic at a global scale





InternalUE ReadingTerm 3NoAssignment
AS91429Apply Geographic skills and concepts4ExternalUE Reading & UE WritingTerm 4NoExamination
AS91426How interacting Natural process shape an NZ environment4ExternalUE Reading & UE WritingTerm 4NoExamination