NCEA Level(s)

Course aims / learning outcomes

This course is designed for senior students who are interested in learning about or working in the Tourism Industry. This is an NZQA-recognised qualification and designed as an introductory course that provides introductory skills and knowledge which underpin other qualifications in travel and tourism industries. It offers a range of Level 2 and 3 NCEA Credits.


New Zealand is in a unique position to restart and re-imagine the tourism industry! Prior to the Covid era - Tourism was the largest export earner in NZ. It created the most jobs and each year the growth increased. As the world “re-opens” for Tourism, there will be demand for people with knowledge of the industry plus, living in a country with an amazing natural and cultural environment, there is loads of interesting stuff to learn.  


Course content

Depending upon which level students are working at (NCEA level 2 or 3) we will be running two concurrent courses. It is recommended that students work at the level that best fits their academic goals for the year. The pace of the course is up to individual students as much of the course is navigated via individual workbooks. An idea of the course content is provided in the table below.


Assessment statement

There are a raft of industry related Standards and Unit Standards we can draw from. The proposed outlines below show how these might be covered over a two year period if students wish. in total, there are over 50 credits which we can access. Typically, students should aim to complete one standard at least per term and for those motivated, they can accelerate through the topics.

This entire course is based around internal assessments to be comleted in class.

Note: This is not a University Entrance Subject


  • Assignments that take place over time will be produced in an online system such as Google Docs. Learning Advisors will monitor student work by accessing document history. A portion of work will need to be completed during class time under Learning Advisor supervision. 
  • Class tests will take place under supervised test conditions within class.
  • Students may be required to sign an authenticity statement, perform certain parts of assessment tasks under close supervision, or show through interview and the existence of notes and supporting material that the work submitted by the student is genuinely his/her own work.


Appeal Procedures

  • Students have the right to appeal the mark they have been awarded. If a student wishes to appeal a grade, they should initially talk to the subject learning advisor about the marking process immediately after the marked assessment task is shown to them. If still dissatisfied the student should make an appointment and discuss grades with the Principal’s Nominee who will check that the correct procedures have been followed as outlined in the school and subject policies taking into account any special circumstances.


Table of Assessments for Level 3 NCEA (27 Credits available)

NumberNameCredit valueInternal or ExternalNCEA LevelWhenReassessment opportunityType of assessment
18211Demonstrate knowledge of Australia as a tourist destination5Internal3Term 1YesOpen Book Test
3727Demonstrate knowledge of Pacific Island countries as tourist destinations5Internal3Term 2YesOpen Book Test
24725Describe and analyse the economic significance of tourism4Internal3Term 2YesOpen Book Test
23755Identify and self-evaluate the demands of a specific role in a tourism workplace3Internal3Term 3YesOpen Book Test
31070Explain the importance of Māori place names, and use reo Māori greetings and farewells in tourism4Internal3Term 3/4YesOpen Book Test
31071Identify and explain the cultural significance of natural and man-made attractions in tourism Māori6Internal3Term 3/4YesOpen Book Test

Table of Assessments for Level 2 NCEA (25 Credits avaliable)

NumberNameCredit valueInternal or ExternalNCEA LevelWhenReassessment opportunityType of assessment

Demonstrate knowledge of the business of tourism

4Internal2Term 1YesOpen Book Test
24729Demonstrate knowledge of world tourist destinations4Internal2Term 1YesOpen Book Test
24731Demonstrate knowledge of destination New Zealand4Internal2Term 2YesOpen Book Test

Demonstrate knowledge of work roles in tourism

3Internal2Term 2YesOpen Book Test

Demonstrate knowledge of tourist characteristics and needs

3Internal2Term 3YesOpen Book Test
23767Demonstrate knowledge of and use the internet in a tourism workplace2Internal2Term 3YesOpen Book Test
24726Describe and compare social and cultural impacts of tourism2Internal2Term 3/4YesOpen Book Test

Describe and compare impacts of tourism on the physical environment

3Internal2Term 3/4YesOpen Book Test